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Go beyond the limits of your thoughts

An education that stays with you for life.

We believe that individual satisfaction is the result of their own decisions and choices.

The program is divided into 7 levels, which you tick off during the program; each level brings important skills with which you develop your potential, your goals and interests.

Duration: 3 weeks, 3 modules, or 2 weeks, two modules, or 1 week, 1 module.


The program is divided into seven levels, each of which serves a specific purpose and cannot be skipped.


The dates will be in the fall, spring, and winter.


Do you not feel good in your body or in your surroundings? Do you have a feeling that something is holding you back, suffocating you, that you are frozen in time? In short, the workshops are for individuals who believe they have much more hidden inside them than they have shown thus far.


The programs and workshops will take you to a higher level of thought.


Be like an eagle, don't give up, but find the strength within yourself for transformation and a new flight!


Among birds, the eagle has the longest life span. It has a life expectancy of up to 70 years.


But, in order to live that long, he must make a difficult and arduous decision at the age of forty: it must throw away "old and useless" possessions. 


At this age, the eagle's long and flexible claws become unusable for hunting, and it can no longer easily catch the prey it feeds on; its long and sharp beak bends; and its old and heavy wings with thick feathers become stuck in flight, making it increasingly difficult to fly and hunt.

At this age, the eagle has two choices: die or undergo a painful process of change, a true transformation that lasts 150 days.

This process starts at the peak of the mountain, where the eagle flies to.

The eagle pecks at the stone with its beak so long until a piece of it flies away.

Then it waits for its new beak to grow. With it, it pecks out the old and inflexible claws. When new ones grow on it, it plucks the heavy old feathers with them. It takes five months to complete the transformation! Then, like a young, flexible, and strong eagle, it takes to the air again.

And so it lives for another 30 years.

I assist each individual in making the decision to make a radical change in their lives, just as THE EAGLE did.


Duration: 05.11. do 11.11.2022
Price: 4.480,00 €
Booking available until 01.11.2022

Level 1: WHO AM I?

Have you ever wondered who you are? What is your purpose? Why are you the way you are? Why did something happen to you? Why do keep repeating certain patterns?

The period that follows will be especially emotionally exhausting, as memories that you suppressed deep inside will come back.

Memories of bad decisions, mistakes, and everything that has ever hurt you but you have forgotten about.

Level 2: WHAT DO I FEEL?

Do you realize that psychological garbage is accumulating within you?

During this stage, you will locate them, get to know them, confront them, and remove them from your life.

You will get rid of everything you believe no longer belongs to you. When you put things away, you can see where you are and what you really need.


Do you feel as if you are on the verge of collapsing under the weight of responsibility and that you're at a loss for how to deal with it?

I will prepare you to consider what got you into the present situation. What do you want out of life? What are your responsibilities to yourself? How can you become more self-assured and responsible? How to be and live in balance?


Look in the mirror; do you like yourself the way you are? At work? As a partner? Person? What do you want to change? What are your hopes and dreams? What kind of person do you want to be? A better partner? More successful in business? Are you strong enough to make changes?

Although you are gradually creating a new path, the energy of old habits remains very strong and continues to pull you back into old patterns; you will learn how to overcome these fears.


You will learn to let go of old habits and begin again, but differently, and with confidence in yourself.

Every small change represents a new step toward a more active and easier life. Did you know that by resolving one problem, you are removing 100 other subconscious blockages?


Now you are ready for a complete change. You will learn how to continue and achieve the path to the desired feelings. You will be equipped with methods to help you on your "new" path.

Level 7: HOW I work now

Do you feel like you've always been this way? You don't feel like you've changed, even though everyone tells you that you have?

In the last step, you realize that you have accepted your new self through the previous 6 stages and that you are happy with that image. Happiness has become your mental state.

You cannot skip levels, though completing one or two will give you the impression that you live differently, that you are more positive and lighter. Each level has its own meaning and purpose in creating a seven-digit positive life code; if one is missing, the code fails.


Duration: 19.11. do 28.11.2022
Price: 6.400,00 €
Booking available until 14.11.2022

Have you ever taken time for yourself that was not spent on watching your favourite show, drinking beer, or having coffee with your friends - truly for yourself?

Are you able to remain calm in stressful situations, or do you become agitated over trivial matters? Are you content and happy where you are, or does something inside you tell you that you can do more, that you deserve more, more self-love?

The 10-day program will guide you through the process of personal transformation and growth. You will regain faith in yourself and discover your purpose.


Personal transformation is an emotionally taxing process, so the body must be strong enough to withstand these efforts. What foods do your brain and body require to help you cope with stress? Which and how strenuous sports activities will reawaken your desire to pursue your dreams?


Do you ever feel exhausted or as if you've run out of ideas? Do you have the feeling that your brain is drowsy or tired from constantly dealing with problems? In the workshop, I will teach you what type of message the brain requires to restore balance.

Step Three: EMOTIONS

Are you frequently stressed? Are you constantly irritable and angry at yourself and others? I teach you to begin exploring where you can find your areas of relaxation and playfulness. In a nutshell, I want you to enjoy life again.

Step Four: SOUL

How to calm down? How can you accept reality? How can you be able to concentrate on your thoughts? I will show you how to make time for yourself amid your hectic schedules.

After finishing the workshop, you will have established a balance, but this does not mean the process is finished; you must now live according to it.


Get to know yourself and rediscover your purpose!

Are you successful - do you have everything but still feel like you're missing something?

You feel empty. You would prefer to leave everything and go somewhere far away to rest and rediscover your meaning.

The program's goal is to disconnect from outside influences. Forget about looking at your phone or computer all the time; only you will be important here. Your brain and body require rest and peace, which only authentic nature can provide.

You will unwind by listening to rustling leaves, watching bears, and watching snowflakes fall... because nature, regardless of the season, provides us with peace.

Before entering the glamping site, you will leave the stress behind. This is your time, and only your time.

You will gain self-knowledge of who you are and learn to manage your emotions and potential. You will begin to act in harmony with yourself and nature.

Wellness for the brain will essentially provide you with something you already have but you have almost forgotten about that - your dreams, your desires, your inner potential... You will discover the most valuable treasure in the world: your true self.

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Knowing one’s self is a long path. We won’t just help you make the first step, we’ll guide you through the whole journey.
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