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Enter the world of herbs

You will enter the wonderful world of herbs, begin a fantastic voyage from the seed to the final product. At our carefully tended garden, you will be able to discover the diversity of herbs and enjoy the air filled with incredible aromas. An herbal massage and the aromas in the sauna will ensure that all your senses will be a part of this magical story.


Relax in herbs ambient

You will be able to relax and spoil yourself with a massage, facial treatment, or the sauna. Along with the wonderful aroma of herbs, you will also be able to feel their beneficial effects on your skin.

Natural Pool

Natural Pool

Natural swimming pool - we use plants for cleaning, instead of chlorine.


Spoil yourselves with the local cousine

Start your day with breakfast in bed or in a dining room of a renovated hundred year old house. Finish your day with a dinner in an in-house restaurant. A selection of delicious cousine can be enjoyed by the fire place, on the terrace or in an in-house restaurant.

Enjoy breakfast in bed

Herbal workshop

In the workshop, you will enter the world of herbs, a magical journey from the seed to various products made of herbs, as an observer or creative maker of one of the products.

Herbal garden

When you enter the carefully tended herb garden, you will step into a natural world of herbs, a wonderful world that will, on the wings of aromas, stimulate and sharpen your senses.

Lounge room

The ideal place for guests to relax before or after check-in.

Outside restaurant

Garden area with a cosy atmosphere.


There's nothing more relaxing and soothing than sitting by a warm roaring fire.

Let’s do better

Charming Cosmetics

We believe that hotel cosmetics can be good – we have prepared it in faith, that it suits you and the nature.


We are delighted that you have found your way to the Charming Slovenia website.

You've probably landed here because you're looking for an unforgettable glamping holiday.

You've come to the right place! Book a stay at the Herbal Glamping Resort where you'll have a five-star glamping experience (surrounded by herbs). If you want to wake up by the lake, the Forest Glamping Resort is the perfect place to unwind under the canopy.

Invest in your rest and visit your favourite glamping resort.

Petra Kordiš

executive director, Charming Slovenia

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