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Groups & Team building

We offer Slovenia in a palm of your hand to your group – high mountains, clean and playful rivers. Culinary gems and cultural variety.

During the team-building you can enjoy in activities, which are made possible by the unique natural environment. Your desires and needs for sport and adventure can be made a reality with water activities, adventures in the air or on land. Small size of our diverse country makes possible getting to know its numerous historical, cultural and natural monuments. The offer is adapted to different sizes of groups.

If your interest reach beyond the limits of our offer, we will try to turn them into a reality.

How does your group like to spend their time together?

Nature lovers

Active team-building, which runs blood through the veins

Water experiences (rafting, canoe, SUP by the sunset), hiking to the mountains, paragliding back to the valley, trips with electric bikes, fishing.


Team-building for those, who want to get spoiled in different ways

Culinary workshops, getting to know the herbs and an herbal tea party; wellness programs with the herbs, wine degustations, massages and facial treatments. Pampering in a thousand and one way.

Ones with a desire for knowledge

Educational programs, which equip you with new knowledge

Workshops for better well-being, successful communication, courses for workplace relationships.

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