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Blaguš lake

Lake is situated in the heart of Slovenske gorice. Adequate for swimming, fishing or walking.

Shoemaking workshop

Shoes from Herzog’s workshop have been made for each customer separately. They reflect the individual’s personality. Herzog’s shoes are genuine works of art, and synthesis of the handicraft skill with the use of all classic shoe-making technologies. Herzog’s unique shoes are the best combination of the past experiences and the future human needs ever found in this handicraft branch in Slovenia.

Attend the shoemaking workshop and master the art of shoemaking.


Forest library

Forest library

Borrow a book which awaits you in a common library or simply rest, surrounded by gentle forest wind and chirping of the birds.

Forest activities

Time, that we spend in the forest, is proven to lower the content of stress hormone. Enjoy under the tree branches and dance with the squirrels.

Outdoor fitness

Taking a walk, a run or a gentle jog in forest can do wonders for your soul. When you train outdoors you are breathing in an abundance of fresh air. Outdoor fitness is perfect activity for two or the whole family to enjoy. Get into the outdoors and unlock the best version of you!

5 hours per month

According to a research, just five hours per month in a forest will greatly improve your health. Spending time around trees and looking at trees reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and improves mood.

Let’s do better

Charming Cosmetics

We believe that hotel cosmetics can be good – we have prepared it in faith, that it suits you and the nature.

A message to all our guests

Herbal glamping resort Ljubno and Forest glamping resort Blaguš are open from 1.6.2021 and ready for you and your beloved.

Welcome back to a fairy tale that are our Charming resorts! We hope that you have missed us as much as we have missed you.

We are more than sure that a beautiful and successful season is upon us in Herbal glamping resort Ljubno and Forest glamping resort Blaguš and so you are more that welcome to visit us again, escape for a moment from the cities and get lost between the herbs or trees in our Charming resorts.

We are looking forward of hosting you and hope to see you again.

Petra Kordiš

executive director, Charming Slovenia

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