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Biggest treasure remains the nature

For guests that want to wake up surrounded by nature.



Glamping resort Blaguš

Forest resort expects you by the lake Blaguš. Discover a story where under the trees a unique architecture is placed, which will give you a feeling, that you have awoken in a fairytale.

Step onto the terrace of your temporary home and under you bare feet feel the gentle forest fern. Comfortably situated in the shadows of the trees, where one can only be awaken from dreams by the endless blue of a glistening lake.

Fill your lungs with oxygen, that is tirelessly produced by the surrounding forest. Comfortably situated by the lake, dive into a book. 60 % of Slovenia is covered by forests – find your favorite spot under the branches.


16 glass-wooden houses

Placement of the units directly by the coast of the lake

Forest library

SUP/wooden boat rental


Lake house

Lake house

Houses, made from glass and wood, will awaken a hopeful adventurer.

Step in

A-frame wooden tent

A-frame wooden tent

A cosy bedroom, made from wood placed directly under the stars.

Step in

Resort highlights

Path to our uniqueness

Wooden-glass houses, placed by the bank of Blaguš lake, are built completely from natural materials. Wooden construction is the oldest form of construction, that man has used throughout the millenniums. Also staying in such houses is proven to better one’s well-being. Are you ready for an adventure under the branches?


Where nature meets the tradition
Romantic sleeping under the branches

Romantic sleeping under the branches

Escape from the mad world – picnic on the peer, laying in the hammock.

Family retreat into the forest

Family retreat into the forest

Family team-building – walks by the lake, hiking in the nature and getting to know the wisdoms of nature.

Become a part of our family
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