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Experience unique resorts

During the day explore the vast regions of our country. Spend your nights in the Charming Slovenia resorts – where prestige and nature meet.

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Charming Slovenia

Glamping & Sustainable resorts

The brand Charming Slovenia combines resorts that, with their vision and execution, present higher, more demanding standards in the area of glamping tourism. The resorts is a carefully planned symbiosis of prestige and nature.

  • We offer a unique accommodation, away from the urban hustle and bustle.
  • We believe that the nature is our treasure.
  • We advocate for a personal and hospitable approach.
  • We watch over every detail that makes your rest unforgettable.

Charming Slovenia Resorts


Glamping resort Ljubno

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Forest new resort

Glamping resort Blaguš

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Glamping resort Kopačnica

Coming in 2021


Discover the hidden corners of Slovenia

Charming guests, charming rest

The measure of our success is a broad smile of a satisfied guest and a sincere handshake at check-out. What made their rest really "charming"?

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Charming slovenia resorts

Forest Glamping resort Blaguš

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Forest Glamping resort Blaguško

Herbal Glamping resort Ljubno

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Herbal Glamping resort Ljubno

Glamping resort Kopačnica

Glamping resort Kopačnica
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