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The magic of herbs

Enter the mysterious world of herbs and indulge in their magical aromas


Enter the world of herbs

You will enter the wonderful world of herbs, begin a fantastic voyage from the seed to the final product. At our carefully tended garden, you will be able to discover the diversity of herbs and enjoy the air filled with incredible aromas. Magical herb workshop will make sure that you will learn about the secrets of processing herbs into end products, which will be available in the herb shop. An herbal massage and the aromas in the sauna will ensure that all your senses will be a part of this magical story.

Herbal Garden

When you enter the carefully tended herb garden, you will step into a natural world of herbs, a wonderful world that will, on the wings of aromas, stimulate and sharpen your senses.


Herbal shop

In a stylishly equipped shop, where the air is laced with the magical aroma of herbs, you will find a wide selection of products made of herbs, which you have encountered at the herb garden and in our workshop.


Herbal workshop

In the workshop, you will enter the world of herbs, a magical journey from the seed to various products made of herbs, as an observer or creative maker of one of the products.


Herbal wellness

You will be able to relax and spoil yourself with a massage, facial treatment, or the sauna. Along with the wonderful aroma of herbs, you will also be able to feel their beneficial effects on your skin.


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