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Škocjanske cave

Natural Park Škocjan caves

Škocjan caves are a unique natural phenomenon, the work of the Reka River. Due to the limestone terrain, the riverbed first travels along the surface, then suddenly sinks under a high wall. From there on, the cave system of Škocjan Caves begins, which is the underground riverbed of the Reka River. The cave systems of 11 caves is around 6 kilometres long, while the riverbed itself is 3.5 kilometres long and 100 meters wide, spreading into majestic halls with beautiful sinter formations (stalactites, veils, pans, etc.). Škocjan Caves, due to their unique natural and cultural heritage, have been on the UNESCO world heritage list since the year 1986. The Škocjan Caves are 160 km or around an hour and 45 minutes' drive away from the Herbal Glamping Resort.

Best places to visit

Logarska valley

A wonderful oasis of untainted nature, where the meadows and forests of the valley are surrounded by the mighty walls of the Savinje Alps. Numerous waterfalls and incredible natural monuments are the fruit of millennia of nature's play in these parts.


Snežna cave

Enter the magical underground world of the highest laying Karst grotto in Slovenia, where you will, under the guide of experienced speleologists, walk between and under unbelievable and still active sinter formations.


Velika Planina

A mountain plateau in the Kamnik Alps, reachable by cable car, where you can take a fresh-air stroll through mountain meadows. You will be greeted in a herders’ settlement, where you can try various dairy delicacies.


Mozirski gaj

A grove where, in themed gardens, in the safe shade of ethnographical buildings, on carefully tended meadows, millions of flowers of incredible shapes and beautiful colours are in bloom from springtime to autumn.



Untainted forests of the Golte Plain are an ideal location for hiking through beautiful nature and relaxing in fresh air. At the same time, many paths from the plain lead onto the nearby hills and other plains.


The Slovenian coast

The short but lively Slovenian coast is characterised by beautiful towns, salt pans and a unique, natural regional park. The periphery of the coast rises into the picturesque environment of the Slovenian Istria.


Škocjan caves

A series of caves with spacious halls and the underground canyon of the Reka River all form the natural park Škocjan Caves. Nature adorned the caves with colourful stalactites, veils, and beautiful pans.



Beautiful old city centre with its baroque-secession architecture, where the mark of the architect Jože Plečnik can be seen on every step. You can see it on foot, from the Castle, or by taking a boat along the Ljubljanica River.


Lake Bled

The Alpine lake is surrounded by plains and mountains, and represents a pearl of the Slovenian natural heritage. The globally renowned monument is distinguished by the island on the lake with a church, and a castle, rising above the lake.



Small Karst villages with beautiful stony architecture, placed into a landscape full of unusual natural phenomena. A cradle of the highest quality of wine and prosciutto due to its climate.



Sredi vinorodnih gričev se nahaja Ptuj, ki je eno od najstarejših in najslikovitejših Slovenskih mest. Nad reko Dravo se dviga Grajski grič, kjer se nahaja staro mestno jedro s Ptujskim gradom.


Soča valley

A beautiful and incredible valley, through which an emerald green river winds, travelling from the high Alps to the Adriatic Sea and encountering numerous natural, historical, and cultural monuments along the way.



Picturesque plain of Pannonia, with low, vineyard-covered hills at the edges, surprises its visitors again and again with specific ethnographical heritage and extremely rich cuisine.



Postojna cave and castle

The Postojna Cave is the most visited and tended to Slovenian cave and is accessible to all categories of visitors. The Predjamski Castle is located near the cave, stimulating imagination with its location.



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